if you need to find us tonight, we'll be at the movies. oh boy!

on the subject of impersonators: yesterday this struggling actor came into the store where i work, and before i knew it i found myself the audience of one for an unsolicited christopher walken impression. he was a short, enthusiastic asian guy, and he performed chris walken as he might have been in star wars. christopher walken as han solo, say, or christopher walken talking to chewbacca. i knew this guy had just come from a bad audition, so the pressure to be demonstratively entertained was especially high. the whole situation embarrassed me.
all respect, actors--i don't know how you do it.

also, there was this man in my town growing up who dressed as santa all year long. his house was always decorated full-on for christmas, reindeer and lights and everything; we called it the santa house. it was only much later, as adults, that my sister and i realized that that's sort of fucked up.

rhan does a really good mark e. smith, but he maintains that anyone can do mark e. smith, mostly by yelling and adding ah to the ends of the right words. it still makes me laugh every time. EVERY TIMEAH!

my coworker performed a shockingly accurate impression of vanna white for me once, which consisted of walking sort of sideways along a wall, pausing to tap the wall, and then continuing to walk while applauding softly. make someone do this for you and you'll see what i mean. spooky.

and what's up with you can call me al?
is that a whole song about wanting to be somebody else or what?