tomorrow we travel to phoenix for a few days to visit my mom.
in honor of this fine city and its angry, blameless sun, i would like to write about incidents in which rhan and i have been very hot. thank you.

1. this one time i took a nap at my mom's house and fell asleep with john coltrane playing faintly on the stereo. i woke up from this awful, feverish nap (because have you ever taken a nap in a really hot room? it's terrible) to hear "a love supreme, a love supreme, a love supreme" repeating over and over again and i thought surely i was dead and that this was hell.

2. this one time rhan got so hot in our apartment that all he could do was sit in a shallow tub of cold water and watch videos on his laptop. i wasn't home to see this, but it is a sorry and adorable thing to imagine.

3. another time i got out of the car after driving in phoenix in the summer and the back of my shirt was all spotty with sweat stains, and this was after, like, twenty minutes of driving. oh wait, that was every time i drove in phoenix in the summer.

4. too much sun makes rhan wilt. this fact has been documented many times.

wish us luck. we'll be posting from the road.

note: i just checked the forecast, and actually it's not supposed to be that hot in phoenix in the next few days. still, though, that place, in rhan's words, is positively atomic. steer clear from june through september!