stills from fast, cheap, and out of control (1997)

tonight we are going to ucla to see standard operating procedure,
the latest documentary by errol morris.

though my heart of hearts lies with these fellas, i also count errol morris as one of our best documentary filmmakers. he's a unique voice in the world.

we were watching the trailer for the this american life series the other night, where ira glass pronounces, "it's like nothing you've ever seen on television."
my only response to this was "unless there's an errol morris movie on television," because that's what it looked like to me. oo snap.
but i'd bet good money they're errol morris fans over there, really.

his images are beautiful, trademark things,
and i am excited to see some new ones tonight.

heaps of gratitude to dvd beaver for the images. sort of obsessed with dvd beaver.