so i was thinking yesterday that you can gauge rock and roll stars by how well their names could be used as nicknames for your genitals. bear with me.
to illustrate, here's how rhan's genitals and my genitals could be introduced:

chuck berry, meet...mama cass.
bo diddley, meet...nina simone.
ladies and gentlemen, the amazing miss nina simone!
grace slick, meet...little richard.*

*ew, that last one doesn't work on either count.

june carter, meet...johnny cash.

aw, that one is sweet!

i got stuck on how great a name chuck berry is for rhan's thing.
my ass, naturally, is chrissie hynde.
rhan's balls are ray & dave davies.

miss simone, chrissie
--ladies, meet the gang...chuck berry and ray & dave davies.

now that's some beautiful music.